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HEC-20: Art Robbins Instruments automates your laboratory

From 28th to 30th September, 2017 Dunn Labortechnik presents products from Art Robbins Instruments at the Heart of Europe
at Wojanów Palace, Poland.

On our booth we show various systems from Art Robbins Instruments for many applications in protein crystallography.
The “Crystal Gryphon LCP” dispenses volatile and membrane proteins, is suitable for sitting / hanging drop and batch crystallisation under oil, and performs seeding and bicelle dispensing with high precision.
The “Scorpion” optimises, normalises or reformates your screens and can also dispense combinatorial compound assays.
The “CrysCam UV” captures your crystals with visual and UV-light for high resolution images and helps to analyse your crystals with its scoring function. Furthermore, the CrysCam UV can be equipped with special filters to allow the use of fluorophores e. g. Texas Red.

Take advantage of this good opportunity for a visit at our booth during the HEC-20 to get an impression how the fully automated laboratory in protein crystallography looks like.

We are looking forward to your visit!